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3D visualizations of the space rocket flight parameters
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"EKA" CJSC, the regional branch of the K.E. Tsiolkovsky Space Academy of Russia, has developed a software program, in Delphi, that utilizes ParallelGraphics' Cortona SDK in the visualization of both space launch results and the parameters of orbital flight control.

The program receives on-going guidance from the launch vehicle flight parameters which it then analyzes and using 3D visualization technologies (ParallelGraphics's Cortona VRML Client) displays the launch vehicle's operation for each second of flight.

In creating the complex program, the developers also used another ParallelGraphics product - Internet Scene Assembler (ISA), which made it possible to build and animate the 3D model of the launch vehicle.

View screenshot The program's features include:
  • estimating the factual results of space launches and orbits
  • providing operational information and support for space program decision making
  • limiting the potential damage when extraordinary operational situations occur
  • monitoring the success of space vehicle launch

After a thorough analysis of the current application tools available for 3D graphics control, the "EKA" CJSC developers concluded that ParallelGraphics's Cortona VRML Client was the best tool with which to accomplish the variety of required tasks.

View screenshot

According to the 'EKA' CJSC experts, Cortona VRML Client provides the ability to control complex 3D graphical objects in real time and offers a full range of functions and support with which to manipulate objects graphically.

Cortona VRML Client can also be used as an ActiveX component in the visual development tools of Delphi and Builder applications. It also allows for the programing of objects and their properites in Pascal, C++, JavaScript and other languages.

View screenshot

The Cortona VRML Client program was approved by experts from the Space Academy of Russia and was used during the development of the complex program for the vizualization and representation of the parameters of the launch vehicle, busters and space crafts movements for the active trajectory of the Merkator 3D and its orbital flight.

Cortona VRML Client was also tested during the graphical object development of the 'Proton' and 'Soyuz' launch vehicles. This test was performed for the 'Fregat' and 'Briz' busters as well. These tests were also performed during development of the 'Merkator-3D' program to support the launches of the national spacecraft.


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