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3D Page of the Week (Archive)
3D page of the week provides 3D content for the Web including movies, design projects, logos.
At you can find various virtual reality projects: from 3D art gallery to fractals.

3D pages' archive

Michael Takeo Magruder's 3D Projects
Michael Takeo Magruder is working with new and technological media within contemporary arts practice. His work blends information age technologies with modernist-like aesthetics to explore the formal structures and conceptual paradigms of the networked, digital world.

Endless Wall

3D tours of ancient Egypt tombs
OsirisNet provides a virtual tour of tombs (and some temples) of ancient Egypt, from the Old Kingdom onwards.

Epsilon Euskadi
A highly interactive 3D presentation of the Epsilon Euskadi projects: car design, training programs, tunnel wind and aerodynamics researches, etc.

The 3D Hand Poetics Tool
The 3D Hand Poetics Tool (by Norman T. Thornton presented by demonstrates, among other principles (such as ideas in text art and visual metaphor), that meaning has existence in touring complexity - even if we do not initially understand it. Welcome to a unique take on interactive visual poetry.

This 3D project created by ENTORNOS INNOVADORES offers various virtual walks that simulate spaces of great tourist value.

The CrystalEgg Poetics Tool
One poem interpretation method involves viewing a work as an image list. The CrystalEgg Poetics Tool (by Norman T. Thornton presented by autonomously uses your text to gather images from the internet for view inside 3D crystal eggs reminiscent of the fortune teller's crystal ball or magical Faberge eggs.

NIST Digital Library of Mathematical Functions
The Digital Library of Mathematical Functions (DLMF) project was initiated to perform a complete rewrite of Abramowitz and Stegun's Handbook of Mathematical Functions with Formulas, Graphs, and Mathematical Tables updated for current needs. The DLMF provides facilities for the 3D interactive display of special functions of two independent variables. You can render the 3D surfaces and interactively rotate, scale and otherwise explore them.

The Bridge Project of Elif Ayiter
The Bridge project visually demonstrates the author's understanding of the evolution of the computer generated "image work", by means of a free associative process that utilizes the search and query mechanisms of the Internet.

3D Planetarium
Make a unique space journey around the Earth! All sights that you will see are based on real astronomical data. Travel in time to see how the universe looked like years ago or will look in the future; view a solar eclipse and the planet parade. Get ready! Your spacecraft will launch in a minute!

The GraphicWord Tool
View word geometry using the GraphicWord Tool by Norman T. Thornton presented by Develop a "geometrized" vocabulary. For artistic or linguistic purposes, create and explore - in worded reality.

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