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Documentation for VRML Automation

The VRML Automation section of Cortona SDK describes a set of interfaces (33 in total) which allow an external environment to access and manipulate various objects in a VRML scene loaded in Cortona Control. These objects represent the Cortona engine and various components of the VRML scene graph, such as nodes, fields, prototypes, prototype fields, and their collections.

Using the methods and properties of the VRML Automation interfaces, an external environment can perform a wide range of operations with the scene, including the modification of fields' values, creating nodes and adding them to the scene, removing nodes from the scene, adding and removing Routes, prototypes, etc. In an external environment (an application or Web page containing Cortona Control) it is possible to create handlers to detect and process events propagating in VRML scenes. In addition, the VRML Automation section includes a description of three user-implemented objects and two services which can be used for the advanced functionality of the VRML Automation interfaces.

When considering the use of Cortona Control in Web pages, VRML Automation can be used as an alternative to the VRML 2.0 External Authoring Interface. The developer can use a set of advanced capabilities of VRML Automation interfaces, which are not available in EAI. In addition, the use of VRML Automation improves performance.

The Automation Interface is so powerful that we created a set of applications around it: Internet Scene Assembler, Cortona Movie Maker and Cortona VRML Screen Saver.

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