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Success Stories
Cortona3D-based Fast, Safe and Easy to use Factory Planning Tools
plavis GmbH (Chemnitz, Germany) provides professional support for manufacturing companies' interactive planning processes utilizing innovative hardware and software systems. plavis GmbH has selected Parallel Graphics Cortona SDK to provide powerful solutions for their customers. Cortona SDK is a flexible instrument for the development of 3D-enabled applications allowing the presentation of complex technical data visually enabling rapid and intuitive understanding of potential issues and facilitating their rapid correction. more info...

Virtual reality in the mining industry
Deutsche Steinkohle AG (DSK), a German mining company, is actively using ParallelGraphics 3D technologies to represent new equipment to the partners and to train the company’s personnel. Interactive 3D representations allow the user to try out most of new functions in a virtual environment. The user can also navigate in all directions and choose various camera positions including viewpoints not available in the real environment. The use of virtual environments in the first phases of the training process allows the company to avoid operational mistakes and also increase hands-on training safety. more info...

Web-based environment for collaborative planning of production systems
Using ParallelGraphics' 3D tools, the Institute of Manufacturing Automation and Production Systems (FAPS) is developing a Web-based collaborative environment for planning and design of production systems (a special focus is made on mechatronic systems). The online environment with 3D capabilities allows the parties at different locations to speed up the exchange of ideas, reduce misunderstanding and facilitate problem solving, and as a result significantly improve the collaborative design process. more info...

4D management software for construction projects
Domos/D-studio (Belgium) has used Cortona SDK in the development of the 4D SUITE software targeted at the life-cycle management of construction projects. Interface provided by Cortona SDK allows for linking the project schedule with the 3D representation making it possible to analyze all phases of the future project and avoid collisions in time and space during the project realization. more info...

Realtime visualization of civil engineering projects
Using ParallelGraphics Cortona SDK, the Strab company, a supplier of AutoCAD applications for road planning, railway and canal construction, has developed the Strab Virtual Reality application that allows the user to easily and quickly create Web enabled 3D visualizations of engineering projects. more info...

3D Dynamics Vehicle Simulation
The Center for Element and Complete Design Modelling (CEMEK) at the University of Ljubljana has utilized ParallelGraphics Cortona SDK to visualize mathematical simulations of driving dynamics. This has allowed them to make a qualitative analysis of vehicle motion from different angles at every stage of road accidents. more info...

Collaborative Forest Fire Fighting Training Environment
The French Civil Safety and Defense Department has employed 3D graphics in the creation of a collaborative and interactive environment which it uses to train its members to fight forest fires. The initial challenge was to simulate real fire fighting actions to create effective training scenarios while also keeping expenses low. The solution was created by EMI Informatiques using tools from ParallelGraphics and has been judged a great success in providing a realistic training program for the Department. more info...

3D visualizations of the space rocket flight parameters
The visualizations of the space rocket launch results and the parameters of orbital flight control were developed by the Tsiolkovsky Space Academy of Russia. The Delphi application receives on-going guidance from the launch vehicle flight parameters which it then analyzes and using 3D visualization technologies (ParallelGraphics's Cortona VRML Client) displays the launch vehicle's operation for each second of flight. more info...

Cortona SDK finds practice in the Medicine
Manchester Visualization Centre and the Department of Neurosurgery at the Leeds General Infirmary have been developing 3D medical surgical simulations for Internet training. These simulations all share the same basic characteristic of introducing a needle or catheter to the body. To date the work has been concentrated on the development of techniques to improve the feedback given to the user. more info...

The use of Cortona SDK for modelling in the open cast mining industry
The Faculty of Geoinformatics and Geodesy of the National Technical University of Donetsk (in the Ukraine) is engaged in the digital modelling of open cast mines. In order to help mining experts make better-informed technical decisions, the models developed by the University needed to be as realistic as possible and to closely resemble the environment and conditions of a real mine. It was also important that the models were able to function in similar ways to the actual pieces of equipment in use in the open cast mining industry. more info...

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