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4D management software for construction projects

Domos/D-studio, the Belgian software company, is involved in the development of ICT solutions that allow the company clients to facilitate the management of complex design processes such as urban development and infrastructure planning. The company software and services offered to all construction partners and building managers are now focused on the life-cycle management of building processes.


Construction companies require flexible solutions that can help them to avoid collision in time and space during the realization of a project. They need an easy-to-use software to analyze all phases of the future project at the planning stage to anticipate any conflicts that may occur and to elaborate on the optimal project scenarios.


4D SUITE software, developed by D-studio, visualizes a building project and links the 3D representation with the project schedule. This tool offers full interactivity at every stage of the project. Any adjustments to the schedule can be made in such a way that various building scenarios can be analyzed, checked, and then shared with all parties involved in the building project. The planning process can be closely monitored by every partner resulting in less misunderstandings, fewer mistakes, smaller time losses and lower costs.

4D SUITE software simulates the entire building project in space and time, starting before the first stone is laid and finishing with the completion of the works. In this way the consequences of every action can be predicted and the most informed decisions can be taken on time. So the combination of the 3D representation of the project and the planning data provide a unique, at times even decisive, perspective on the building project.


Domos/D-studio used ParallelGraphics' Cortona SDK to integrate the 3D environment into their application. The interface provided by Cortona SDK allows for the linking of the project schedule (e.g. from MS Project) with the 3D representation of the project whether it's from AutoCad, DesignCad, or STAR ARCHI 3D. This makes it possible to analyze, merge, share and eventually edit the project stream.


The 4D Suite (including its previous versions) has shown its efficiency and reliability for more than two years in the series of large-scale urban development projects in the Netherlands including the Station Island project involving the complete reorganization of the Amsterdam central station quarter. The list of company's clients and partners includes PRC Bouwcentrum (Netherlands), the Flemish ministry for management of infrastructure (Belgium), STAR Informatic (Belgium), and Eurostation (Belgium) among others.

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