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The use of Cortona SDK for modelling in the open cast mining industry

The Faculty of Geoinformatics and Geodesy of the National Technical University of Donetsk (in the Ukraine) is engaged in the digital modelling of open cast mines. In order to help mining experts make better-informed technical decisions, the models developed by the University needed to be as realistic as possible and to closely resemble the environment and conditions of a real mine. It was also important that the models were able to function in similar ways to the actual pieces of equipment in use in the open cast mining industry.

The Challenge

The aim was to develop an application that would create a set of the surveying data that was available and which would help mining experts make better-informed technical decisions.

The Solution

The Automated System of Surveyor Maintenance for open cast mining (ASSM) was developed at the Faculty of Geoinformatics and Geodesy.

This involved:
 - The creation of objective 3D models of the open mines. Cortona VRML Client was integrated into a Delphi application using Cortona SDK that allowed for the generation of 3D models of the open cast mines from the available 2D-documentation.

 - The creation of interactive three-dimensional models that simulate real work processes and equipment (a dumper, a dredge, a bulldozer, machine tools etc.). This was achieved with the help of Internet Space Builder (ISB) and Internet Scene Assembler Pro (ISA Pro) from ParallelGraphics. The 3D models were initially designed with ISB and then the animations and behaviors were added using ISA Pro.


Studies have shown that the creation of virtual models like the ASSM have extremely beneficial uses in an industry like open cast mining, providing help in areas as diverse as the development of technical information about a mine to the provision of technical training for engineers and workers.

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