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Cortona3D-based Fast, Safe and Easy to use Factory Planning Tools

plavis GmbH (Chemnitz, Germany) provides professional support for manufacturing companies' interactive planning processes utilizing innovative hardware and software systems.


Existing tools for factory planning processes are mostly targeted at large enterprises and are not easy to use. A professionally implemented solution while vital for a process of continuous improvement (CIP) is not a common solution. Realistic 3D visualization during the planning process enables discussion and presentation of various possible solutions: - vastly superior to two-dimensional drawings.


plavis GmbH sought a solution providing dynamic generation of 3D layouts and rapid modification per client wishes. Standards based solutions (e.g. ISO standard VRML) are key as they allow the client to reuse existing CAD data. plavis GmbH has selected Parallel Graphics Cortona SDK to provide powerful solutions for their customers. Cortona SDK is a flexible instrument for the development of 3D-enabled applications allowing the presentation of complex technical data visually enabling rapid and intuitive understanding of potential issues and facilitating their rapid correction.

visTABLE®touch created by plavis GmbH with the help of Cortona SDK allows for quick updating of 3D layouts. The customer can interact with 3D plans via Intranet/Internet and share the planning with remote participants. The results of each planning session can be viewed on any computer with ParallelGraphics light-weight 3D viewer Cortona allowing for efficient data delivery to appropriate users and rapid feedback.

"A combination of 3D visualization with Internet communication abilities allows for building up an efficient distributed collaboration", said Jan Schiller, Managing Director, plavis GmbH. "visTABLE®touch in combination with ParallelGraphics technologies really helps the companies to accelerate and optimize business processes."

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