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Material Editor

Two optional components have been included in the VrmlPad installation pack, as examples of VrmlPad automation and scripting, Material Editor add-in and sample VBScript macros.

The Material Editor lets you create and edit Appearance and Material nodes. You also can choose existing materials from a pre-built library and add your own materials to it.

Sample macros include useful commands for enumerating faces in IndexedFaceSet nodes, completing selected nodes with all fields, and converting the Box, Cone and Cylinder nodes to an IndexedFaceSet etc.

Extrusion Editor

Extrusion Editor, a visual plug-in for VrmlPad, offers you an effective method for creating and editing existing extrusion models.

Extrusion Editor is not included in the VrmlPad installation pack.

Click here to know more about Extrusion Editor

You can publish an announcement on our forum if you have developed your own add-in or macros for VrmlPad and want to share it with other users of the product.

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