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Business Solutions

The following demos illustrate how our technologies deliver solutions for the different needs of a variety of companies.

These scenes require Cortona VRML Client which is installed automatically when the 3D models are opened. If you have problems, Cortona VRML Client can also be installed manually.

Product presentations

Sony Vaio: Product demonstration
  This interactive 3D presentation allows potential customers to study main features of the Sony Vaio notebook.

scene size: 46KB
resources size: 75KB
archive size: 119KB

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Koenigsegg CC 2002: Product demonstration
  A fully interactive 3D presentation of a mid-engine supercar Koenigsegg CC. The customer can change its color, switch between day and night modes, and even control the car's DVD player.

scene size: 338KB
resources size: 528KB

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Road-header: Product presentation
  An interactive 3D presentation of AVSA (Alternative Version Simultaneous Activities) created for Deutsche Steinkohle AG.
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scene size: 282KB
resources size: 18KB
archive size: 351KB

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Refrigerator: Product demonstration
  Refrigerator - interactive models, such as the refrigerator, illustrate how clients can demonstrate product functionalities to prospective customers, face to face.

scene size: 9.5KB
archive size: 9.6KB

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IKEA Furniture
  The colors and materials of this 3D chair can be changed on-the-fly to choose the best combination.

scene size: 21KB
resources size: 126KB
archive size: 142KB

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Interactive 3D catalogs

Ball Bearings Interactive Catalog
  This interactive catalog allows users to view ball bearings appropriate for their needs by entering their measurements.

scene size: 4.6KB
resources size: 4.1KB
archive size: 15KB

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Car Wheels Interactive Catalog
  With this interactive car wheel catalog users can form the wheel they desire by choosing the size, type, and manufacturer of a tire and a hub and get both a detailed description and 3D model of the wheel. Each model can be viewed either separately or installed on a car.

scene size: 11KB
resources size: 23KB
archive size: 319KB

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Operation and maintenance

Unit Copier: Interactive tutorial
  This 3D tutorial allows technical personnel to easily learn the assembly and disassembly procedures for the copier fusion block.

scene size: 307KB
resources size: 1.21MB
archive size: 2.48MB

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Olympus CAMEDIA: Interactive manual
  An interactive 3D user's guide explains the functionality of the camera in the most visual way. The user can easily identify the key control elements of the camera and study the most important functionality.

scene size: 70KB
resources size: 160KB
archive size: 355KB

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