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Christmas Collection
Ded Moroz and Snowman

scene size: 4.60MB
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House of Santa Claus

scene size: 87KB
resources size: 22KB
archive size: 101KB
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Christmas Tree 2010

scene size: 0.58MB
resources size: 467KB
archive size: 1.19MB
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Christmas Clock

scene size: 209KB
resources size: 0.58MB
archive size: 0.96MB
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Decoration of the Christmas tree

scene size: 133KB
resources size: 167KB
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Christmas Sleigh

scene size: 113KB
resources size: 344KB
archive size: 424KB
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Christmas Tree

scene size: 3.2KB
resources size: 67KB
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Snow man

scene size: 12KB
resources size: 2.9KB
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Reflection Bells

scene size: 37KB
resources size: 47KB
archive size: 88KB
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