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Event Modeling
In this section, ParallelGraphics showcases 3D projects which are dedicated to Russian history, art and culture, where we've recreated some famous historical events and memorials in virtual reality. Take advantage of an incredible opportunity to travel in time and space and experience the spirit of bygone ages.


Explore a 3D model simulation of our Universe with stars, planets and satellites plotted accurately in time. You can even launch a shuttle and see its real trajectory, docking with the ISS.

Kursk Salvage

The operation to lift the Russian nuclear submarine Kursk from its final resting place is the subject of the one of 3D projects from ParallelGraphics. The project will allow you to follow the different stages of the recovery operation.

Gagarin's Spaceflight

This 3D project from ParallelGraphics is dedicated to the fortieth anniversary of Yuri Gagarin's first space flight on April 12, 1961. The Russian cosmonaut became the first human ever in space in a flight that changed the course of history.

The End of MIR

The descent of the MIR Orbital Space Station to its final resting place in the Pacific Ocean has been completed and ParallelGraphics has decided to immortalize the last hours of its legendary flight in glorious 3D.

Only our Web site visitors have a unique opportunity to view MIR's re-entry in virtual reality.

Pushkin's Death (Scene of the duel)

Alexander Pushkin (1799 - 1837) is Russia's greatest poet and is also regarded as the founder of modern Russian literary tradition. On the occasion of the 200th anniversary of his birth, ParallelGraphics released a Web site dedicated to the famous duel where Pushkin was fatally wounded. The VRML scene of the duel is based on the accounts of Pushkin's contemporaries.

View scene of the duel

Vladimir Lenin's Mausoleum

Lenin's Mausoleum in Moscow's Red Square is one of the most recognizable monuments in the world. You can now visit one of Russia's best known historical sites with this incredible 3D tour of the Mausoleum.

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