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3D Page Of the Week

3D Page of the Week (Archive)
3D page of the week provides 3D content for the Web including movies, design projects, logos.
At you can find various virtual reality projects: from 3D art gallery to fractals.

3D pages' archive

Virtual Tram
The 23M/SIMTRAM project is created by Italian tram fan and is dedicated to trams, subways or transportation in general. The multimedia section has just started with 3D/VRML visualizations of a trolley cabin and a tram route.

E-space factory
With this online service, everyone can create one's own virtual
space easily by arranging shared VRML objects in 3D environment.

Raystar Poetics
Imagine poetic writes as stars.
The RayStar Poetics tool (by Norman T. Thornton of converts your words into animated stars
in the 3D space of virtual reality - unique visual poetry you can navigate and make presentations
using ParallelGraphics' Cortona Movie Maker.
Beyond poetics, this has application in human text recognition/analysis since text is visually normalized.

3D Library
With this virtual library model you can find any desired book easily and quickly!

Venzone 3D
Experience Venzone in virtual reality!
Take a virtual walk around medieval town of Venzone, one of the national monuments of Italy!

Interactive Old Church
3D simulation of lighting The aim of this 3D application is to showcase the reconstitution of an old church in an amazing way !
This demo proves the incredible capabilities of VRML in real-time light rendering and interactivity. You face the Church of the Fort which was destroyed by the eruption of May 8, 1902 which devastated the town of Saint-Pierre of Martinique (French West Indies). Incline and swivel the lamps, combine their color and their intensity, rotate the platform and enjoy the show!

Poetic Pantheon
The PoeticPantheon tool by Norman T. Thornton from will allow you to place poetic writes in a private virtual 3D pantheon for free. Thus, you will have poetics in virtual concrete whether or not it is concrete poetry. You can keep the poetry private to your desktop or make it public via e-mail. This makes a fantastic e-card. And, unlike e-card services, you don't have to provide the e-mail address of you or your friends. Further, you need not worry about file size of the e-mail due to this exclusive '3D-send methodology'.

Temple de Janus in Autun
A virtual reconstruction of the Temple of Janus in Autun (France, Burgundy) an ancient temple built in Romano-Celtic style, one of the best conserved of its type in France. Augusto, a virtual guide, will help you to discover the history of this place, archaeological excavations, and Roman construction techniques.

Slipstream3D Interface
Created to foster and promote the practical use of 3D (virtual) websites, the Slipstream3D Interface is specially suited to handle all ".wrl" file formatted content.

  • Open html links without leaving the world.
  • Chat And Gaming Environment: Full physics FPS-style PC gaming platform (CAGE).
  • Seamless Transition: Can convert world objects to CAGE.

A 3D tour through Zaragoza Expo 2008
A highly interactive 3D presentation of the Zaragoza 2008 exhibition created by Mimentx.

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