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Internet Space Builder
Design truly impressive 3D scenes from scratch!

Internet Space Builder (ISB) is a user-friendly authoring tool suitable for designers of all levels. With ISB, creating 3D models for the Web is now easier than ever before.

Applications and benefits

Travel in time and space
Build and visit forgotten empires, distant countries and future worlds.
Travel without frontiers!
scene size: 156KB, resources size: 242KB
download zipped archive
(archive size: 382KB)

Open the door for creativity
Make your ideas visible and let them take shape. Now you can share your dreams online! Great chance for designers and architects to put creative studios on the Web.
scene size: 41KB, resources size: 99KB
download zipped archive
(archive size: 135KB)

Expand your Internet presence
Whatever your web needs are - from business to entertainment - 3D enhances the range of possibilities! ISB lets you establish virtual exhibitions and real estate agencies as well as fill your homepage with cool content.
scene size: 29KB
download zipped archive
(archive size: 29KB)


Key features

Intuitive building metaphor: designing of complex 3D objects from simple elements by merely adding and cutting.

Interactive textures editing and mapping.

Internet compatibility: Internet addresses can be linked to the objects, and the final scenes can be published on the Web.

Friendly interface - no programming required, visual support for all operations!

Comprehensive pre-built galleries - more than 1000 samples of textures, 3D-objects, scenes, landscapes and pictures!


Success stories

Web3D Training Program
Dreamscape, the South Korean distributor of PG's tools, recently started the Web3D Training Program where artists, designers and students can learn to use Internet Scene Assembler Pro and Internet Space Builder. Some of the best scenes created by the successful graduates of this program are displayed on the ParallelGraphics' Web site.

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