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Cortona SDK
New Cortona SDK 4.1      

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Add 3D capabilities to your Web site and standalone applications!

Use Cortona® Software Development Kit (SDK) to facilitate the development of 3D enabled applications, based on the Cortona engine.

Cortona SDK provides an application programming interface (API) that enables authors and developers to integrate ParallelGraphics 3D technology into other applications using Visual C++®, Visual Basic®, Delphi®, third party applications supporting ActiveX technology (like MS PowerPoint®) and Web pages. The documents describe the objects, properties, and methods exposed by the Cortona ActiveX control.

Key features

Comprehensive programmer's reference

Support for Cortona 4.1 VRML Client features and extensions 

Full-text search and keywords list

Content creator's reference

Includes 100 licenses for Cortona VRML Client

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Applications and benefits

Fast and seamless integration of 3D into the Web and other products.
Visualization of scientific data
Connect the abstract data with a display in a virtual 3D environment. Now you can examine experimental data from different angles and throughout every stage of an experiment!

Online services
Organize online services utilizing the benefits of 3D graphics.

3D enabled products
Improve your products functionality and appearance by implementing 3D features.


Latest case studies

Latest case study Cortona3D-based Fast, Safe and Easy to use Factory Planning Tools
plavis GmbH has selected ParallelGraphics Cortona SDK to create a highly interactive 3D application (visTABLE®touch) that allows manufacturing companies to accelerate and optimize factory planning processes.

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