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Cortona SDK Contents
Programmer's reference
This is a reference for programmers which describes objects and interfaces that should be used by developers to encapsulate ParallelGraphics 3D technology into their custom applications, Web pages and VRML scenes. This section also describes skins for Cortona® VRML Client and requirements for the deployment of Cortona® SDK applications.
    Cortona Control
    Cortona Control is a windowed ActiveX control that enables an application with VRML browser functions displaying VRML scenes and supporting the user's interaction with the scenes. By setting the properties of Cortona Control, developers can specify the user interface and navigation that will be used in Cortona, set up the renderer hints, choose the URL of a scene to be loaded and so on. Cortona SDK applications can be created in any environment that supports the ActiveX and OLE technologies such as Visual Basic®, Visual C++, and Delphi or Microsoft PowerPoint® and Access®.

    VRML Automation interfaces
    The VRML Automation section of Cortona SDK describes a set of interfaces that allow an external environment to access and manipulate various objects in a VRML scene loaded in Cortona Control. more info...

    VRMLSaver is a COM object that provides the means for saving VRML scenes or sets of nodes to VRML files.

    Native Scripts
    Native script is a ParallelGraphics extension of the Script VRML node. The url field of a Script node in Cortona can reference DLL files - programs in the native Cortona scripting language (in addition to programs in the ECMAScript and Java languages). These DLL files can be created in any programming environment that supports OLE automation with the use of the interfaces that provide access to the Cortona engine. This allows programs in the native Cortona scripting language to use the power of the VRML Automation interfaces. These programs will work in any Internet browser including Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator.

    A skin is a customizable user interface that gives the unique look and feel to Cortona VRML Client and allows users to redefine navigation in 3D scenes. more info in Developer Zone...

    Deploying Cortona SDK Applications
    This section describes how to install Cortona on the user's computers when distributing the Cortona SDK Application (the presence of Cortona is required for running these applications). The developer can choose one of three different ways: manual or express installation (by running Cortona setup files included in Cortona SDK) or Silent setup (by copying the Cortona files directly to disk).

Content creator's reference
This section provides information on the use of Cortona Control in HTML pages with regard to the target browser and documents Cortona VRML Extensions in Cortona 4.1.

Cortona VRML extensions include new cube and sphere environment maps, bump map and mip-map, NativeScript, interactive Macromedia Flash movies, NURBS and Splines as well as drag-and-drop operations and many others. more info...

Samples and tutorials
Step-by-step lessons for Delphi and for Visual Basic programmers.

Fully functional applications with sources for Visual Basic, Delphi, Visual C++, HTML (JavaScript) and Pocket Cortona.

Quick start guides
Detailed description of how to create new Cortona SDK projects in Visual Basic, Delphi and Visual C++ development environments.

Non-redistributable components
    ASCII to UTF8 converter 1.0.

    The Pocket Cortona version for Desktop Pocket PC Emulator used in debugging Cortona SDK applications for PocketPC.

    Cortremover - application to remove all the components of Cortona VRML Client.

    Cortona sound system configuration utility.

    Sample ColorPicker skin for Cortona VRML Client.

    Default skin in Cortona VRML Client (

    Interface definition and source files for C/C++ projects.

Download Cortona SDK 4.1.6

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