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How to Order 


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How to Order

You can order Extrusion Editor directly from the Dublin office of ParallelGraphics.

The software is supplied in the downlodable form only.
EU customers must provide their VAT registration number, otherwise 21% VAT will be added to the prices listed.

Regular prices
Extrusion Editor 1.1149.95 USD
VrmlPad 3.0 + Extrusion Editor 1.1254.95 USD

Academic prices
Extrusion Editor 1.174.95 USD
VrmlPad 3.0 + Extrusion Editor 1.1134.95 USD

Contact information:
Address: Block B, Unit 2 Broomfield Business Park Malahide Co. Dublin Ireland
Phone: +353 (1) 214 3380

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