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Olympus Camedia manual

Scene info

An interactive 3D user's guide explains the functionality of the camera in the most visual way. The user can easily identify the key control elements of the camera and study the most important functionality.


The main window of this demo consists of three parts:

the buttons on the left side allow the viewer to switch between the various tasks

the model is displayed in the middle

there are instructions for each task on the right side.

To choose the procedure you are interested in, press the appropriate button on the left side, the content of with window will change.

Follow the instructions to perform a specific operation or to see the location of any camera component.

Clicking on a button: or on some images will either start animation or will move a viewpoint to the relevant component.

Exploring the model

To explore the model press the left mouse button on a model and move it in any direction to rotate the camera.

If mouse cursor changes over a part of the model to a pointing hand: its name will be displayed and clicking on some of these components will start the animation.

More details on navigating the models can be found in the User's Guide which is called from the right-button pop up menu.

System requirements

Operating system: Microsoft® Windows® ME/2000/XP.

Internet browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 or a later version.

Processor: Pentium® II 300 MHz or better.

Random Access Memory (RAM): minimum of 64 MB.

Free disk space: 6 MB of hard disk space for program files.

Display: The 1024x768 true color mode is recommended.

DirectX 9 compatible graphics card is recommended.

ParallelGraphics Cortona VRML Client (If this is not installed, you will be prompted to install it automatically. If you have any problems, Cortona VRML Client can also be installed manually.)

Watching the Demo offline

To download the demo onto your PC to watch it offline:
Click on download and choose save

After the file is downloaded, unpack it

If Cortona VRML Client is not installed, download it and install from

Double click index.html file to launch the demo.

Launch this Demo

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